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What is so unique about this checklist?

This checklist for an eCommerce website is based on years of UX/UI and CRO experience.

It is not a gathering of general interface recommendations. We conducted comprehensive research that took our specialists more than 200 hours.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all websites. A solution that, in one situation, can double the conversion rate for another project will be a failure. That’s why every recommendation in this checklist is given depending on the case of implementation.

We studied the following factors that influence the hypotheses:

business size
product features
navigation type
number of SKUs
, etc

So you should just find your case and follow the detailed recommendations.


COO, Head of UX/UI department — 8 years


UX/BA Analyst — 5 years


UX Designer — 8 years


UX/BA Analyst — 2 years


UX/BA Analyst — 2 years

What will you get as a result?

This is a comprehensive roadmap on what should be done to increase your conversion rate.

You will get it in Google Sheets format with

6 tabs

and more than

200 checkboxes

The checklist contains the 50 most critical interface errors that reduce the usability of every website

You get more than 200 detailed recommendations on turning your interface's flaws into growth points.

You will get visual examples of good and bad interface solutions.

50 exceptional cases for websites in more than 10 niches, such as fashion, electronics, health, food, etc. We took into account some specialties of certain countries.

As a result, you can make a copy of the file, check your interface, and easily hand over tasks to your designers and developers.

Get website usability checklist

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Get a checklist with practical recommendations for E-Shop key pages:

General points

How to design forms

Website navigation and menu

Site search and product list page

Product card


Included: 200+ critical conversion checkpoints

150+ design good and bad examples of online stores and conversion elements

Free bonus: A practical guide to increasing the income of an online store - 100 UX/UI Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Project Conversions”

Order a comprehensive UX audit


Let our CRO/UX/UI team analyze your website for you. As a result, you will get the following:

Detailed analysis of all the pages

30-50 improvement hypotheses and recommendations for your particular website

Dynamic Looker Studio Dashboard with data and conclusions

Funnel markup with GTM

Connection and configuration of heat maps, click and scroll maps, session recording

Content quality analysis

Examples of best practice

Learn more

By ordering the checklist, you will get a bonus!

14 years of practical experience in one book:

80+ pages of detailed recommendations that you can apply on your own

100+ most effective CRO/UX/UI recommendations

Real cases of famous eCommerce brands

Why did we decide to create this checklist?

in UX/UI and 5 of them in CRO
projects designed
for markets all over the world for countries such as Ukraine, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, etc.
UX audits
conducted in different domains

Our partners and clients

We have conducted more than 1000 UX audits and designed about 300 projects

We are the only Ukrainian company that has become
a Google UX Partner

In 2021, we were invited as guest speakers at Google’s Retail Development Program event and conducted UX audits for the following clients:

This checklist will help to improve the website constantly

A website is not a static product, but a living organism. It requires systematic analysis, evaluation, and optimization to meet users' rapidly changing and growing needs for convenience, service, and speed.

The main goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers.

Our checklist will give you clear, actionable steps that will:

  • decrease your customer acquisition costs
  • increase your average order value
  • skyrocket your conversion rates

The checklist will tell you exactly which steps you need to take, so you will be able to implement the changes that require the least amount of effort and deliver the biggest conversion rate improvement right off the bat.

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Get website usability checklist